12 Observation’s we never see as sin between Man and God

12 Observation’s we never see as sin between Man and God

1. We go to work early, but
we come to church late?
God is keeping time.

2. We beg our boss when
we err, but threaten to
leave the church
whenever there is
misunderstanding. God is
all seeing.

3. We work hard to be
promoted at work but
treat the work of God
with levity. God is not

4. We pay all our dues in
the workplace but
refuses to pay tithe in
the church. Spiritual

5. We buy costly things for
our boss to get favour,
but we can’t even buy
airtime for pastor.

6. When we are not going
to be in the office we
take permission ahead
from our superior, but
expect pastor to pay us
visits when we miss
church without notice.

7. We fear and respect our
bosses more than God.

8. When we are sick, we
manage to get to work
but skip church at the
slightest excuse.

9. We take official query
serious but take rebukes
in church with disdain.

10. We tolerate our
colleagues in workplace
but cannot tolerate
brethren mistakes.

11. We turn off our phones
during official meetings
but we disturb God’s
service with different
phones’ ringingtones.

12. We can work overtime
at work, but complain
seriously about hours
spent in the Church?

We need to re-assess our lives to be in conformity with God’s standard. He is watching us on a daily basis and everything we do.


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