I want to start by thanking our Almighty God, Father and Creator of all, for the opportunity of life and a country of our own Nigeria.

I thank also President Muhammadu Buhari, who in the course of the 20 years that I have been in his political household, has afforded me the opportunity to learn and proffered my little effort in the service of our fatherland, Nigeria.

We all thank our Party, its Chairman, the NWC and the NEC that he leads as they build on the work many previous party officers started in coming together to present Nigerians with a Progressive Platform that is a congress for all shades.

I thank with profound respect my fellow Nigerians both those present here and those in all our nooks and cranny, whose desire for a re generation by a forward generation and breed of political workers, has led them to identify me as their Chief Recruit for the job of moulding Nigeria along the path of its collective dreams. They have gathered resources from every part of the country and purchased the form for which the APC will nominated a candidate to fly its flag in the Presidential Elections in February 2023, they have now presented this to me.

I now solemnly accept to run for us all, and bear our Party’s Flag into the elections and become our next President. I do this recognizing that in the last 7 years, President Muhammadu Buhari has performed extraordinary feats in ensuring that our progressive ideas have been established; physical infrastructure of every type and inclusive policies reaching out to our poor and less privileged. As we strive to uplift Nigeria and Nigerians into a developed state.

A lot still is outstanding and needs to be done. Many of our citizens are still outside, hungry, unemployed. Many more are threatened by unwarranted and unnecessary internal security and economic challenges.

Our calling today invites me to; take up a work path that builds on the solid foundations that have been laid thus far. Provide different paradigns for new challenges and provide the platform for a vista that accommodates subject experts to pull together forces to meet our Nations challenges.

This is the path I propose to thread, having been properly schooled, experienced and tested in the last 30 years of active politics.

I therefore invite our dear party and its great men and women, to forge that trust in me, as their new symbol of unity, growth, and regeneration as we step into the future with renewed zeal and optimism.

Thank you all.

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