Eid- El Fitri: Buba Congratulates the Muslim Faithful on the Celebration,Urges Closer Unity among All

Member representing Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency and Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs,House of Representatives,Rt.Hon.(Dr.) Yusuf Buba Yakub has congratulated the entire Muslim Ummah and his Constituents on the completion of the Ramadan season and the celebration of this year’s Eid-El Fitri.

In a release personally signed by the lawmaker and made available to media men today,Sunday,in his Constituency,the lawmaker praised the resilience of the Muslim faithful for the unwavering commitment and sacrifice,which marked the month-long Ramadan season that has culminated in the Eid celebration. While praying the Almighty Allah to accept all acts of worship that went with the period,he admonished all not to lose sight of the lessons of the period, stressing that the period must afford in us a greater commitment to unity with our neighbours,peace in our country and love in our society.

“As beneficiaries of Allah’s rich blessings and forgiveness of all forms of filth,we must exemplify the love that we have received from Allah by choosing only lifestyles, attitudes and words that build society,that elicit the best in our neighbours and encourage others to emulate all that we represent at this time.

“Our communities, country and ,indeed,the entire world will become better when we tend to relate with everyone around us as brothers and sisters without considering the language they speak,the faith they profess as well as the part of the world from which they hail. Attention to the things that divide us can only make our minds clannish and little. It can only bring negative feelings borne from a sense of inferiority or superiority complex that, eventually, succeed in making us strangers to one another.

“It is quite remarkable that this year’s Eid-El Fitri is being celebrated at a time the world is exiting the narrow social community in which the COVID 19 pandemic had hitherto quarantined us all. Surely,there is so much to be glad for in that respect. But,in all circumstances,it will be wrong to feel that the world is entirely free of the pandemic and begin to live and behave as though all rules of engagement against the spread of the disease and any other diseases for that matter were no longer necessary. In that regard, therefore,we still continue to preach some measure of caution in what we do and in how we relate with one another.

“Again,we must also bear in mind that such social realities like insecurity,crimes and other acts of social deviance that are quite prevalent among our youth are still very much with us. We must, therefore,be vigilant and know who we are with at all times. The best form of security,we are told, starts with us.Our ability to assume the role of the Police in our little corners at all times will only make the world a better place.

“I, therefore,urge all of us to give,to share and to celebrate together. Our joy will hardly be complete without this all- encompassing sense of happiness in our communities and neighborhoods which must flow outwardly from our homes.”

While wishing all a successful and an uneventful Sallah celebration,the farmer-turned-lawmaker thanked , particularly,his Constituents at Gombi/ Hong Federal Constituency for their demonstrable show of love and support in recent months. He also used the occasion to remind them that this period would soon be trailed by an upsurge in political activities and called on them to ensure that the forthcoming period is observed with peace, caution and maturity,adding that the era of thuggery and violence in politics was over for good.

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