Ebonyi Guber Aspirant Faults Usage Of Your Excellency



Abah Joshua

Dr. Eze Emmanuel Eze, a gubernatorial aspirant in Ebonyi State under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday said that after his victory in 2023 of becoming the next governor of Ebonyi State, he should be addressed by his first name, Eze.

Speaking on what he termed word on the marble, he argued that one of the words abused in the society today is ‘your excellency’, which according to him, it is synonymous with greed, non-performance and a great deal of corruption.

He noted that in his administration come 2023, there would be no need addressing him as your excellency. He said he would be satisfied calling him his excellency after his administration.

“I have grown to see some words being abused, ‘your excellency’ is one, it’s as though it is now synonymous with greed, non performance and a great deal of corruption.

“In my administration, there is no need calling me His Excellency. Excellency should be based on Performance; it should be based on extreme demonstration of good leadership qualities.

“It should be based on entrenchment of good governance that placed the dividends of democracy on the tables of the people.

“When I become your governor please call me Ezeh (my first name) or Mr Governor.

“Therefore calling me His Excellency should be after my tenure when the people must have measured my Performance and adjudged it to be excellent.

“Be a part of an administration that promises to depart from the norm,he urged.

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