“I Felt Someone Removing My Panties While I Was Sleeping In The Kitchen” Brave Maid Narrates Her Story To The Police


A police officer was arrested for reportedly r∆ping a 21- year- old maid at his house in Bulawayo’ s Southampton complex. Detective Inspector Ernest Tirivanhu is accused of r∆ping his maid on the evening of January 16th. This is said to have occurred after the suspect and his two children, ages four and eight, had gone to bed.

The complainant slept alone in the kitchen, and Tirivanhu allegedly returned to the kitchen after turning off the lights and uncovered her while she was sleeping. He allegedly undressed her while covering her mouth with one hand. It is also claimed that Tirivanhu r∆ped her once.

He told her not to tell his wife, who was in Gwanda at the time, after r∆ping her. She was then given money to spend, which she declined. Tirivanhu approached her in the middle of the night, after everyone had gone to sleep and the lights were still on, on another day last month that the complainant did not recall. He’ s accused of putting his fingers inside her private part.

She then came to a halt, and the accused returned to his bed. The girl was hesitant to report his boss at first due to various threats he rained down on her. The complainant however informed her next- door neighbor, who encouraged her to inform Tirivanhu’ s wife. When his wife returned, she told her everything, and she went with her to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Bulawayo Central Police Station, to file the report against his husband.

The defendant was taken into custody, and the complainant was sent to United Bulawayo Hospitals for a medical checkup. He is currently being suspended from duty and stripped off his batch. He has been accused of r∆pe and threats to kill and harm.

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