2023: You Have the Unity of Nigeria at Heart, IBB Tells the Leading Aspirant Under The Caolition of Political Parties


The leading  presidential aspirant under the Coalition of political parties, Prince Adewole Adebay today paid a presidential consultation visit to former military president of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in his hilltop mansion Minna, Niger state.


The presidential hopeful while addressing the media after his meeting with the former military president said he had a fruitful discussion with the ex president and he assured him of his support and prayers.

Adding that he have come for a personal visit to someone who has played a fatherly role in his life for many years.

Adding that anyone who does not know the relationship between him and the former president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida should study the letter he wrote to him on his  50th birthday.

“So I came here to thank him for his fatherly role over the years and for that beautiful later he wrote to me.” Adebayo said.

The presidential hopeful under caolition of political parties said his visit is meant to seek his blessing, support and advise in his quest to seek the office of the President.An office the military expresident served for eight years and laid many Developmental foundations such as Abuja,The Federal Capital City he built, the NAFDAC that he created and many other things that he did well in the country, the 3rd mainland bridge for example and many of the challenges that he had and struggled with like the issues of democracy, issue of people involvement in the decisions of their lives.

“This are all the things that we are struggling with today and I thought I should come to him to learn from him. This is not the first time I have to seek his advice, so at this crucial time I think I should come and speak to him, and  what he said to me is very impactful and he reminded me of what he believes in.”


“He believes that we should not negotiate the unity of this country despite any difficulty we may face, he also believes that if I’m to succeed as a president I must continue in the practice of having a mini Nigeria with me anytime, even your house, even your domestic setting, when someone looks around they must see a complete Nigeria there.”

Adebayo when recounting the counsel of the elder state man while briefing the media said the expresident enjoins as though,

“In your thinking when you are alone, you must think panoramicaly about the country, not a section of it, not a part of it; and when you are making decisions, you must take advise from everyone in all parts of the country, he also reminded me of the role of the diaspora in his government as he choosed Nigerians from all over the world, how he formed his cabinet, why he chose them and the quality they brought into his government’ and he reminded me of one thing, that only God gives power and that I should be prayerful and lastly, Nigeria is a country where you need to think ahead and you need to work very hard because Nigeria has many talented people, that if you want to be number one it means you have to go extra mile” Says Prince Adebayo.


Earlier, IBB while responding to the presidential aspirant said

“I am glad you came with all sections of Nigeria among the delegation. Meaning you have the Unity of Nigeria at heart. At my time, I have people from all over the Country working in my government and that makes everyone to feel they are Nigerians.

We need to change the Narrative in Nigeria.

I promise to do the best I can to assist you in your ambition.

I will keep my search light on you and caution or advise you whenever it is necessary”

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