2023 PRESIDENCY: The Igbos are disorganized and don’t speak in one voice a Reoccurring Fallacy of Nagative Retrogression.



Nigeria as a country has numerous tribes but have three(3) major tribes which are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. These tribes have been coexisted together for over 100 years now and still counting but I think I always smell something fishy when it comes to leadership of the nation especially at the federal level.

You will agree with me that there were and there are crisis here and there in all parts of the six(6) geopolitical zones in Nigeria and we have been living with it. It seems that some geopolitical zones get away with it and the others don’t.
After the Government of the then Prime Minister of Nigeria Sir Abubakar Tafawa Belewa and the then President(Ceremonial) Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe was overthrown by a coup that was led by Lieutenant Colonel Chukuma Kaduna Nzeogu from the then Eastern region now Delta State. In the failed coup d’état, Kaduna Nzeogu was countered and imprisoned by Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi who later became the First military Head of State in Nigeria. He was the head of state from 17th January 1966, a position he held until 29th July 1966(6 months) before a group of Northern army officers revolted against the government and killed Aguiyi-Ironsi.

I just wanted to take our minds back to when it was said that the Igbo were ones the leaders of Nigeria and were oppressing other tribes as it is claimed. Now let me remind you Incase you’ve forgotten that Nnamdi Azikiwe(Head Of State)being the First President of Nigeria had no power to do anything, the person that had the power was the Prime Minister Tafawa Belewa who was seen as the head of Government, Nnamdi Azikiwe cannot do anything without the permission of his boss the Prime Minister, he was more or less as the Vice President if today because he has who he reports to. This simply means that the only time the Igbo tribe Led this Country was with the time of Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi which lasted for 6months.

So what really is the problem?

(1).Some individuals have said that during the Government of Obasanjo, that the Igbos produced 5 Senate Presidents from each of the states in the South-East which are:
(i).Evan Enwerem – Imo State
(ii). Chuba Okadigbo – Anambra State
(iii). Anyim Pius Anyim – Ebonyi State
(iv).Adolphus Wabara – Abia State
(V). Ken Nnamani – Enugu State.
Should this be a criteria to determine the disunity of a people so that you won’t let them go for political positions or zone it to them?
(2).Their Governors are not even developing their states so how can they develop Nigeria when they can’t even do anything with the little opportunity they have?
Sometimes I begin to wonder what is wrong with the thinking faculty of some certain individuals in Nigeria, so the governors not developing their states makes the whole people in their various states disorganized and incompetent?
(3).There is nobody making the move in the South-East, look at other tribes and see;
Excuse you, so someone from the Igbo extraction of Nigeria should start making noise and disturbing Nigeria so that you’ll come out to say that the Igbos lack self-control?
(4).They should organise themselves and speak with one voice;
So you want to tell me that it is only in the South-East that have different Political Party or what, what is really wrong?
(5). They are too money Conscious, greedy and filled with deceit;
Some certain individuals will just sit at the comfort of their homes, buy data and begin to say useless things that he/she don’t even know.
(6). The Igbos will pocket Nigeria if they are allowed;
Well I don’t blame you, I blame your level of reasoning.

If you ask me, I see the above statements as hate speeches, it is only someone that hates you that will say all these. 2023 is at the corner and it is looking as if the Igbos want to rise up as you all have been demanding, now you’ve seen about 5 of them coming out to openly declare their interest and here you are with your political propaganda that all of them wants to rule and no one wants to be ruled by his own brother . We don’t want our brother to rule us but strangers right? I wonder if we all reason at all, don’t you know that we have what we call primaries at the party level, or will 5 people emerge as a political flag flag bearer of a party?
If you hate the Igbos so much please, pursue them out of your country and stop your hate speeches please, it is now too much.

Right from my birth, it is still the same thing I’ve been hearing about those from the South-East, can’t you just change your mindset and support the already existing zoning of presidency, it is not now that the zoning will stop, we also want the zoning.

Leaders in the South-East, rise and and do not relent, whatever they’ll say to you should be a stepping stone to success and not damnation thanks.

(The People’s Emperor)_

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