2023: A Nigeria Refined Lawyer, Business Mogul Declares for President, charges Nigerians to Look Beyond APC, PDP


A Nigeria refined legal luminary, founder of the legendary King Adebayo Film and Theatre Arts Network Television (KAFTAN TV, on Wednesday, declares and joined the list of aspirants gunning for the Presidency, come 2023 presidential elections, promised to return power to the masses when elected.

Charges Nigerians to look beyond the All Progressive Congress and People’s Democratic Party in choosing the next President.


Prince Adewole Adebayo Esq said this on Wednesday in Abuja while officially declaring his intention to contest the 2023 Presidency on the platform of a political Third Force Coalition.

Adding that the two dominant political parties that have ruled Nigeria since 1999 has failed Nigerians on the account of not be able to provide enduring solutions to the challenges confronting the country.

Narrating the intrigue that brought the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and his co-travellers to power in 2015, he said were mere propaganda presenting Buhari as a messiah and a no-nonsense personality who would not eat or sleep if he knows that a penny of public fund was missing, stolen and miss appropriated.

The presidential hopeful, HOPEAGAIN2023 noted “with the poor performance of Buhari in the last six and half years, it has become evident that those images painted of him were far from reality, describing Buhari as “the last card of the political elite” who have been running Nigeria without positive transformation.

He therefore charged the electorate to choose politicians with ideas that could tranform and usher development at all levels as they are faced with the option of choosing between politicians with big money and those with big ideas, however, the deplorable situation of the country demands that  we go for a man with ideas instead of political money bags exchanging and mortgaging generation unborn for two or five thousand that comes from them once in every four years.

Adebayo said his confident is in the electorates who owned the power through their votes. In a democracy, power resides  with the people, the masses who formed about 91% of the total population in Nigeria have ownership to the power that decodes who become president;

He therefore urge them to register and get their voter’s card closely protected and use to salvage the deplorable situation of the country.

Adding that his aspiration was borne out of the genuine desire to solving the current deplorable state of the nation.

“We are all aware of the state of our country and the clock of transition that is ticking towards 2023. We have many platforms on which our multi-party democracy allows us to push solutions to the problem of the country”.

He said, Nigerians are becoming impatient and rightfully tired of the journey that we began in 1999, which is supposed to take us to civil rule, democracy and development. The journey is taking too long to get to where we need to go. And the vehicle of State appears to be stuck and the wheels coming off.


“Compatriots are coming from different angles, some have resorted to prayers, some have resorted to protest, some have resigned to fate and many are saying we need to provide new leadership.

“So, my coming out to seek the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is one such termed to provide a new platform on which we can build on the promise contained in our constitution and for which our forefathers got independence and for which many, many citizens are losing their lives now.”

He said that the Nigerian Armed Forces have been fighting a counter-insurgency war for a decade, stressing that bad governance was at the root of the insecurity across the country.

Adebayo said, the electoral bill before the president is not in it’s best yet but call on Nigerians to mount pressure on Mr president to sign the electoral bill into law however said, the best electoral act ever will be our individual characters.


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  1. Wow is a young man this is the type of person that we are looking for, because he we know the pain of his people. I which you good look my president

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