Nigeria problem is not natural, Prince Adebayo tells Chief Mike Onoja


Prince Adewole Adebayo, the masses choice  for  the 2023 Presidential election, reiterated his passionate view on the need to keep the hope of Nigerians very high and alive than allow it die hopelessly.

He made the statement when he pays a courtesy visit to an elder state man,   Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja, Former Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence at his Wuse 2 office, Abuja earlier today, January 25, 2022.

In his discussion with the elder statesman, Prince Adebayo rightly pointed out that his campaign slogan is “Hope Again 2023”.

According to Prince Adebayo, the PDP government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan and the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari had removed hope from the Nigerian people.

“Nigerians thought that the PDP government was the worst they could get, so they voted the APC, but, move around the country today from Zamfara to Sokoto, Kano, Borno and so on, all those that shouted ‘Sai Buhari’ in 2015 seem to have been made a fool of.

“President Buhari has not only destroyed his government, but also destroyed the hope of Nigerians. Nigerians who were struggling to pay N7,000 for  a bag of rice under Jonathan, now are forced to pay N35,000 for the same bag of rice under Buhari.”

Stressing  that “it is very clear from the current situation of things that we are underperforming. The state of Nigeria is like a ship lying by the shore rotting away, but if you are a good sailor, you will know that what it takes is for the captain and the engine operator to get into the ship, work with the crew and the ship can still sail around the world, but here we are lying at the shore rotting away. We know the capacity of what the ship of the Nigerian State can do but we are rotting away.”

“There is no day that I look at what is going on in Nigeria that I don’t feel sad because I know that our problems in Nigeria are not natural; there is nothing wrong with us that the solution is not already written on our forehead; the situation in Nigeria is a sad one, they are just cases of neglect. I have the capacity, capability, moral standards, above all, the will power to Captain the Nigerian Ship to progress,” he stressed.

Chief Onoja who attested to prince Adebayo’s passion and energy having listened to him  keenly said his type is needed  to salvage the system, adding that from all indications, the vision, competency to actualise his dream for Nigeria are there in abundance in you.

“Nigeria needs you at this time for the development of the Country.” Chief Onoja said”.

He charged Prince Adebayo not to be discouraged and that he is always available to offer advise and direction anytime he calls.

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