2023 PRESIDENCY: Prince Adebayo Says he Will Govern From the Street if Elected…


The frontline Presidential candidate for the Nigerian masses Prince, Adewole Adebayo, has made public, why his administration will be on the the street to tackling issues of governance.

Answering questions from Ijeoma Osamor, the anchor of AIT popular programme, “Democracy Today”, on Sunday, 23rd January, 2022, Prince Adebayo said Nigerian problems are on the street not in the Villa. According to Prince Adebayo, there is none of the challenges facing the ordinary citizens of the country that can be found in the Villa.

In his narrations, the Villa is a complete opposite of what’s going wrong in Nigeria. In the Villa, there is excess everything. Money is excess in the Villa, food, security, electricity are in excess in the Villa. Presiding over the country’s affairs from the Villa has made past and present head of Executives not to understand what happens on the street where governance issues lies. He opines!


Responding to questions on how he feels about the style of leadership selection in Nigeria, Prince Adebayo decried the hopelessness of the Nigerian people and kicked against the continued import and export style of Presidential business by the jugulars.

The Prince, who’s not banking on such cartel arrangement in his bid to becoming the Country’s first citizen, urged Nigerians to embrace the new order by handing over their rights to him on trust come 2023 for the development of our Counry.The Nigeria 🇳🇬 President incoming, Prince Adebayo stressed!.


The Presidential hopeful further stresses that his administration will channel its energy on how to Strengthening the existing structures for effective governance if given the mandate by Nigerians.

The Ondo born Prince and legal luminary, made his mind known while articulating on critical issues of governance and how well he can provide answers to the challenges as Ijeoma Osamor, the producer of the daily popular 7pm AIT programme, “Democracy Today” confronted the Prince with questions.

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