On behalf of the people of Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency of Benue State, I Hon. Samuel Odagboyi Godday wish to passionately appeal to all aggrieved individuals, stakeholders and groups over the outcome of the recently concluded selection of the paramount ruler of the Idoma kingdom.

Indeed, leadership comes from above and it is given to whomever the Almighty wishes for the good of humanity thereof.
There are no perfect selection processes world over, as far as power tussle is concerned but once a winner emerges, the onus lies on us to harmonize our respective ideologies towards the common good of all and sundry.

As the leader of Apa/Agatu Federal constituency where the seat of power for the Idoma kingdom is zoned to, I wholeheartedly wish to plead with all aggreived parties and individuals to shield their swords in order for us to collectively chart the way forward in the interest of the Idoma kingdom, regardless of our differences.
Our beloved fatherland is at the crossroads and we must continue to resist any temptation, capable of jeopardising the age long peace and unity handed to us by our forefathers which have been the major strength of the Idoma people.

Again, my passionate appeal goes to the political leaders of the Benue South Senatorial District, we must look beyond party lines and personal interests to galvanise every element of leadership as expected of us in managing the situation at hand. I employ us all to kindly X-ray the bigger picture which is the togetherness of the Idoma nation.

To all other aspirants, indeed, I feel very honoured to represent my dear constituency considering the calibre of industrious and resourceful individuals the Almighty have blessed Apa/Agatu with.
The personal qualities of each of you gave me hope for the future of our dear constituency and I am certain that, given the opportunity, everyone who vied for Och’Idoma the fifth from Apa and Agatu in the just concluded contest would have made a great king for the entire Idoma nation.
Having said that, I wish to plead that we all come together as one people with a collective vision for a progressive Idoma kingdom and support the new Och’Idoma elect in the interest of our people.

Finally, as I congratulate the Och’Idoma elect once again, I wish to call him to carry all and sundry along as he leads our people while looking at any grey areas that may require further attention.
I also pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon the new King and may his reign be long and impactful to the Idoma kingdom.

Thank you and God bless.

MHR. Samuel Odagboyi Godday
Representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency
January 3, 2022


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