An Ibadan- based socio- political group,Oyo Good Governance Forum ( OGGF) has again rejected the claim of Mrs Udoh Monilola Omokunmi,a Director in the Federal Civil Service,who was part of the last examination and processes to become a Permanent Secretary,insisting that she does not come from Oyo State and is, therefore,not qualified to take the slot allotted to Oyo for the position of Permanent Secretary in the Federal Civil Service. In the petition to Mr.President , a copy of which was made available to media men in Abuja and in Ibadan,Friday,the group said despite all the frantic efforts to make a false claim appear real,Mrs Udoh is not a bonafide indigene of Oyo State. The letter,which was jointly signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the group,Mssrs Lateef and Alakija,and addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari ,reads as follows: “RE: PETITION ON THE MALICIOUS CLAIM OF MRS UDOH MONILOLA OMOKUNMI IN THE QUEST TO BECOME PERMANENT SECRETARY IN THE FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE: A HUMBLE APPEAL FOR THE KIND INTERVENTION OF YOUR EXCELLENCY,MR PRESIDENT IN THE MATTER THAT IS SEEKING TO SHORTCHANGE THE PEOPLE OF OYO STATE IN THE APPOINTMENT OF FEDERAL PERMANENT SECRETARIES. “Your Excellency,Mr. President is ,once again humbly invited to refer to the above subject- matter and to graciously recall our letter of June 23,2020,on the above subject-matter. “We further write to inform that,since our last correspondence to Your Excellency’ s good self,Mrs Udoh, the subject of that petition, has continued to run from Pillar to post to ensure that her dastardly claims and all her mischievous schemings in the bid to become Permanent Secretary are not truncated by some of us who knew her well from her childhood. “As expected,she had not taken our last revelations lying low. Instead of inviting us to shed more light on her claimed indigeneship or otherwise of Oyo State as we insist she has had the audacity to claim these past years,Mrs Udoh merely resorted to the usual name- calling and blackmail to cow us into submitting to the glowing fallacy that she hails from Oyo State. We, however,wish to inform her as we told her informally that,no amount of blackmail and threat would make us jettison a cause through which we all seek to protect the future of our own children. “To say the least,we had not thought that the young woman possesses the kind of desperation with which she is seeking to make it to the topnotch level of her profession. We are surprised that,whipped into desperate action by our last letter,Mrs Udoh has gone round everywhere to see anyone or a group of persons that could talk us out of our position and beliefs we already hold. Imagine enlisting the support of both a traditional titled man and as high as the Head of the Civil Service in the Oyo State Government to support her claims! But what she does not know is that we are always a step ahead of her as she moves to deploy her treacherous antics. ” As a group,we saw the attached copy of what she was able to procure through one of our very own in Oyo,a man who has the reputation to do anything once the price is right,who is known to have at various times been rebuked and repudiated by more than two Oyo monarchs for having dragged the names of those stools to the mud. He merely was brought in to come and do a piece that backs Mrs Udoh’ s claim of hailing from Oyo when he knows that she was merely born here. In any case ,we leave Basorun Segun Sanni to his conscience and only wish that he could consummate his evil audacity by coming to Oyo to swear before Sango or Orinyan to prove the veracity of all he has claimed. “In spite of all Mrs Udoh’ s claims,Your Excellency,Mr. President,we wish to re- iterate our position that Mrs Udoh Monilola Omokunmi is not from Oyo State. The very fact that she was born among us does not make her an indigene or ,by any stretch of the imagination,validate her criminal claims and make her, especially,one who would go to represent our State in a place where representatives of various States of the Federation are making their marks! We call on Mr. President ,the Commander – in- Chief,to disregard her claims and do the needful in her case. By so doing,Your Excellency, Sir,you will discover that you have with that decision averted a strong consequence that may have threatened the life of our State if the support to Mrs Udoh had been sustained. “Once again,Long Live Mr. President; Long Live Oyo State and Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria”‘,the letter concluded. It will be recalled that a similar petition had earlier been sent to the President and copies forwarded to the Office of the SGF,that of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation,amog others. Source: our Reporter.

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