By Isaac Ikpa

While political engagements and consultations are becoming increasingly visible in Benue state with respect to 2023 general elections, those with genuine intentions are building bridges and creating tactical alliances with the masses in serious acceleration to further reassure them of their readiness to redefine governance inline with public expectations and effecting a paradigm shift for proper democratic consolidation.

Dr Sam Ode mni is one great individual with a grassroot political identity whose consistency in empathizing and synergizing with the grassroots must be given a consideration. Sam Ode is by all standard a credible leader who understands the challenges of the people and holds firmly constant the interest of the generality of the people of Benue state.

In fair assessment of this personality, Dr Sam Ode’s political aspiration is one that deserves collective endorsement with great measure of optimism considering his antecedents and how well he has been able to impact lives in the various capacities he was privileged to have served. As an advocate of change, Sam Ode is believed to be a man with so much capacity to engineer an all encompassing transformative leadership that the people of Benue state truly deserve.

We are in an era where no state or a particular section of the state is expected to lag behind hence our determination to electively install a leader with a sense of pragmatism to give democratic governance a corresponding representation at all levels. An unassuming Sam Ode who is known for his aggressive commitment to development, his stint in leadership hitherto his present aspiration is tastament to his liberal and credible personality which further lends credence to his quest to govern the state.

An intellectually sound person with great national connections who demonstrated great capacity for leadership, this is one man with a burning passion to stimulate development across the state. The good people of Benue state should consider this opportunity as the perfect time to build on the glory we may have achieved over the years by allowing a man with so much positive energy, zeal, passion and determination to pilot the state and take it to the desired destination we have dreamt of it and to compete favourably with other states leveraging on their resources to make life better for the people.

Interestingly, Benue 2023 surely presents great opportunities to the people to make informed decisions on how they want to be governed especially when a many times tested personality like Sam Ode has indicated his intentions to be considered for leadership at such level of representation where capacity is key.

It will also be a great trajectory that a man coming from the Southern Senatorial District and in a politically conscious state like Benue will be given the privilege to contribute his potentials to the well-being of the people and the state in general. A state with high level of political orientation where intellectuals abound must collectively jettison sociopolitical and ethnic considerations or sentimentality to support a man like Dr Ode who is ideologically consistent and patriotically well prepared to give us a new Benue where security, prosperity and harmonious existence will take the center stage of governance.

Inspite of the conscious effort by the government, security of lives and property has presented it self as the foremost fundamental challenge wrecking our peace and threatening our very existence as a United people of Benue.

In this light, Dr Sam Ode is poised with the greatest commitment, if given the opportunity, will frontally attack the issues from the foundation where people can access their farms and move around unhindered. It’s commonsensical that when peace eludes a state, development equally becomes elusive, Dr Ode will no doubt deploy every strategy considered necessary to arrest this escalating catastrophe and peace will be restored.

Ikpa is a civil rights activist writing from Asa 1, Otukpo, Benue State.

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