On this occasion to mark the birth of the Prophet,I wish to congratulate all our Muslim brothers and sisters and,indeed,the entire Ulama on the celebration of this year’s Eid El Maulud festival. May the celebration of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ,the Messenger of Allah(SAW) renew for us as a nation the bonds of friendship, unity,love and peaceful co-existence ,which have always held us together as a people united by a common destiny. May we glean from today’s celebration all that we need to become a better Nigeria, a Nigeria where our creed,our tongue and our place of birth do not matter in the scheme of things,where equity and equality are necessary conditions for justice,for qualification and for individual promotion in whatever we do;where everyone is encouraged by the enabling environment and right circumstances across the country to aspire to be their best. Finally,on behalf of myself,my dear family and,indeed,the people of my Constituency, Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency of Adamawa State, I congratulate our dear President, our Governors, the leadership and members of the National Assembly and our Party leaders on the celebration of today. As leaders,while we enjoy the rest offered by this season and take its opportunity to refresh ourselves ,we must avail ourselves of its great significance , as seen in the birth of a great Leader whose leadership ideals and teachings have permeated races and gone past times, to soberly reflect on the life and times of that Great Leader that we today celebrate. Such reflection will,no doubts,inspire us and re-energize us for the challenges of a nation that needs to rise up and take its place in the comity of nations. For me ,we can only achieve that dream-nation by recommitting ourselves to the best tenets of service to our fatherland. May God bless Nigeria and her people. Hon. Yusuf Buba Yakub ,MHR Gombi/ Hong Federal Constituency, Adamawa State Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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