YOUR EXCELLENCIES,DEARALL: May Your Kind WISHES For Us Be Made Yours – The Anyatas

  Permit me to avail myself of this auspicious moment to express our humble appreciations to you all who joined us to celebrate our Mummy @ 66 yesterday. To say the least,it was,indeed,gratifying to know that you could take time out of your ever busy schedules in a society racing against time to pour eulogies and prayers on a faceless woman from my part of the world. My siblings and I,including the entire Anyata family of Amaokwe,Ishiagu,are grateful to you all for your kind prayers and great wishes. We are humbled by it all. In very special ways we offer our gratitude to the subject and object-personae of this platform, H.E (Dr.) Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah,OON,Hon. Minister-Designate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and APC Standard Bearer for Abia Governorship in the 2019 General Elections, for his kind wishes and for the use of this platform to humour ourselves in the last 24 hours. Again,as on this platform, there were many who wrote in,sent stickers and heartwarming Birthday wishes from the many platforms to which I belong. Space and time will fail me to begin to list names in any particular order;but of particular note is my intellectual kindred spirit, Chinedu Agu,Esq,the Owerri-based Lawyer and Poet,who crafted such a beautiful ,cerebral,poetic piece for Mummy that got me wondering if I could ever have written so beautifully for Mummy Ann even at the height of my foray into the world of Muse’s elevated reasoning! Barr.Agu,as many of you on various Social Media platforms, made my day. We are so so so grateful to you all and with all of mine pray God that, ALL YOUR KIND WISHES FOR US BE MADE YOURS in Jesus’ name. As always,accept the humble assurances of my high consideration and very warm regards. Signed. S.P Nkem Anyata-Lafia,FCIA For:The Anyatas.

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