TRADE UNION CONGRESS OF NIGERIA: THE 11th Triennial National Delegates Conference

  Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), registered as a labour centre on 8th August, 2005 when the then President, Comrade (Dr.) Peace Obiajulu received the letter of registration. Ever since then, the Trade Union Congress has had series of triennial national delegates conferences in its quest for leadership that will further position and steer the union to actualizing it mission and goals. The two days 11th Triennial Delegates Conference of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) with the theme “LABOUR AND NATION BUILDING: THE PLACE OF LABOUR IN NATIONAL POLITICS” commences today , 26th June ,2019 at Nigeria Air Force Conference Centre, Abuja. The two days Triennial Delegates Conference of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has a successful opening today, 26th June ,2019. The Secretary General, Trade Union Congress of Nigeria,
Comr. (Barr) Musa-Lawal M. Ozigi, mni who spoke with panafricanreporters shortly after the day one (1) of the conference expresses optimism in the future of the union. When asked on the kind of leader he expects to emerge from the conference, he said life generally is a continuous motion for development adding that the Union above other things in view of the fact that the entire leadership are leaving for new ones to come on board. It is our hope and expectation that the leadership that will be emerging from the conference will be the kind that will put upon themselves the challenges of the union, provides solution in that regards and of course unify the entire segment of the union. The Secretary General who also acknowledged the plethora challenging bedeviling the country says they hope to produce Union Leaders that will partner and collaborate with other leaders and stakeholders when necessary for national development. The national president of TUC,
Comr. Bobboi Bala Kaigama in an interaction with panafricreporters describes the Nigeria workers as the only Pan-Nigeria organization adding that they have come along way in their commitment to the development of the country. Nigeria worker s have survived the storm and threats of advocacy for the welfare of the workers and the entire Nigerians over the years starting from the pr- independence era to independence, post independence, the military intervention and even this present dispensation. The president when asked by panafricreporters on the place of Nigeria Workers (labour ) in national politics, decries the regrettable position of Nigeria workers (labour) in national politics however noted the mistake of the leaders who through greed sold the political platform of the Nigeria workers by allowing themselves to be used by other politicians who later hijacked the workers’ partisan platform adding that activism of workers through industrial actions and others means do not have the solution to workers plethora challenges but being in the mainstay of national politics of the country as Member, House Representatives, Senator, Governor and even president do. The president is however optimistic that Nigeria workers will take their rightful position in the Nigeria national politics on or before 2023, he said.

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