THE LEGEND OF BURATAI: Abubakar M. S. Fiction Launched

A General in the Nigeria Army whose legendary has not only earned him global reputation but whose military sagacity has also put on toes the dehumanizing terror and horror of insurgents in Nigeria especially in the northeastern part of the country. Gen. Buratai has over the year in the military (Nigeria Army) especially in recent time when his intellectualism cum hard work meritoriously earned him the office of the Chief of Army Staff; an office he has diligently explored to win the war against insurgence (Boko-Haram) and recovered hitherto Bokoharam occupied and claimed territory of about nine (9) LGAs to Nigeria. Nigerians at the launching of a book titled the THE LEGEND OF BURATAI on the 17th May, 2019 at Merit house Maitama, Abuja described the legendary General in panegyrics. The Seven (7) chapters book authored by Dr. Abubakar Mohammed Sani spot-light on the genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human actions perceived or believed both by the teller and listeners to have taken place within human history. The narratives in the book seems to demonstrate human values and certain quality that give the tale verisimilitude with regards to popular myth of things that inspires legends just like the life of Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai especially his gallantry and bravodo in leading the Nigeria Army to defeat Book Haram insurgents as somewhat legendary and for this alone, Buratai inspires legends. The book, the legend of Buratai is an attempt to turn the life of this illustrious infantry General into legend for posterity and to encourage our young one especially those who want to join the the Nigeria Army to have a simple glimpse of the life of Buratai. In an interaction with team of journalist, an eminent humanitarian activist, Philip Agbese
  decry the decline in the moral value and blamed it on lack of corrective leadership mirror through which the youths can look unto for reflection on acceptable moral value development however, commends the legendary General for providing leadership that is devoid of injustice, bigotry and ethnic or religious coloration in the scheme of things and commends the panegyric on the legendary leadership feats of Gen. Tutur Yusuf Buratai by the author and other Nigerians at the auspicious book launch. When asked on his position on the not too young to run, he said that he sympathise with the motion and appreciate the sponsors but added that most important is credibility and capacity to deliver results and provide what he described as leadership for all without prejudice of any kind to anybody as Gen. Buratai has exhibited over the years and said that people with sound and matured minds are the one who can be allowed to take leadership position even as the practice is in the Nigeria Army where there is a benchmark of not less than 19 years for enlistment eligibility into the Nigeria Army but encourage Nigerians to rather canvas for capacity and credibility. .

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