The Callousness of Political Leaders in the Country Threatens Our Democracy and the Very Foundation of Our Nation- Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu

    Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu, African Democratic Congress (ADC) national Chairman says this in a meeting held on Thursday night at posh hotel in Abuja when select leaders from Kogi state paid him a courtesy call. The delegation were made up of representatives of the Coalition of the credible governorship contenders and leaders of the state from various local governments areas. The group said their mission was to confer with the ADC party to work out pact with ADC towards the deliverance of the state from the wicked stranglehold of the incumbent governor and other political jobbers of the old. The spokesman, Professor Ambe Allaghi said “after critical review, the leaders of Kogi state believe that ADC is the only party that can bring succor to the people of the state. He observed that the party would have won the majority of the seats in the Nation and State Assemblies if not for the massive rigging and brutal use of force by Governor Bello and others adding that the people of Kogi state are resolved to ensure that the votes of the people this time counts and produce their governor and not imposition by any single person or party”. They further note, except Governor Bello will chose to preside over a ghost state, the youths, women and elders of the state have vowed that the election must be free and fair. The group assured the national Chairman their preparation and commitment to the transformation of Kogi state, and ready for this election. They said, “apart from the fifty delegates in the special delegation, they have the support of traditional and religious leaders, retired civil servants, workers, teachers, and students of Kogi state“. Princess Victoria Momo in her address sayst, this time the women are resolved to use their organizational abilities and motherly instinct to nurture the system for the betterment of the people. “This time we are prepared, a lot of mobilization is going on, I told our people that only a credible party like ADC will work in alignment with our aspiration; that I know you and what you stand for. Kogi people are fully resolved and prepared. As I stand here I speak the voice of millions in Kogi, both young and old especially women, ADC will not regret working with us.” The youth leader, Mr Evaristus in an appealing manner some says “National Chairman, our leaders have spoken. Mine is action. The youth of Kogi will do something new in Nigeria; we shall set example with your party ADC. We need to open up Kogi as the real Confluence state, I know you as a strategic leader, please you must be available all the way for the people of Kogi and Nigeria. We cannot work in isolation, the youth leader so submits. The ADC National Secretary, Alhaji Said Abdulahi welcome the special delegation noting that he has to bring them to meet with the National Chairman after various private meetings with the group. He said that among all the various groups in Kogi that consulted with him that Professor Ambe is the most authentic group. “be assure that your mission is completely in sync with that of our party” The national Chairman ADC, Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu informed the group that ADC has been under studying the malaise in our politic with a view to correcting it. He told them that what is happening in their state is not an exception, that Nigeria is in a dare streak adding that the callousness of political leaders in the country threatens our democracy and the very foundation of our nation. He opined that the vagabond rascality and callousness were as a result of lack of knowledge, inexperience, and corruption of the present corps of leaders; due to their cluelessness; they employed dirty tactics to hide and commit mayhem. He assured that that the party has been working to rescue Nigeria. Chief Nwosu continued, “the general election of 2019, was a litmus test and as you just confirmed, our party ADC whould have won one Senate in Kogi East, a total of 6 House of Representatives members, and more than three quarters of the State House of Assembly members in Kogi. Your governors conspired with a few bigots, thugs, and slave masters to deny the people their wishes. The lives wasted have been haunting them, and they will never have peace”. He assured delegates that they have come to the right party however, charges and admonished them to stand up and be counted.   “It is time to say enough is enough, ADC is very ready to support your state and the people, but you all have a big work to do. We shall hearken to your demand to postpone our primary so that you can sort out yourselves completely. We already have two aspirants who purchased our forms, you must carry them along, because we intend to do so. Luckily one of them is already part of your team. We are an inclusive party. We do not discriminate. Our Handshake symbol reflects our philosophy, ideology, and worldview. On that premise I offer you who have come on behalf of the entire Kogi people the opportunity to arise and shine. Please open up Kogi as the confluence state for national unity, global tourism, centre for world trade, and make it a centre of universal peace”. “As a Catholic, I know John Olorunfemi Cardinal Onaiyekan, and very Reverend Father George Ehusani, they are authentic leaders with big global visions. Tell your people to emulate them and many others, so that you put Kogi state on the global stage again”. In conclusion, Chief Nwosu told the August visitors from Kogi that the African Democratic Congress ADC has the African, Nigeria, and Kogi formulae. “we are taking a very strategic approach on Kogi election; on that reason we shall shift our primary in the state, and also in Bayelsa from August 24th to September 4th. Although, we have one house of Representatives member in the person of Honourable Elder Leke Abejide from your state; you know the reason why. The executive impunity and recklessness and state sponsored violence must stop. Everybody knows that ADC is the main party in Kogi state. Take it from me, ADC will certainly win the governorship race in Kogi.” Nyila Fashi, National youth Leader ADC, in closing , first started with his native Taraba adage : “The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet”; he concluded that God will guide the good steps of the just”. Elder Calvin Alagoa, the National Treasurer of the African Democratic Congress ADC advices while giving the final vote “Time waits for nobody, this year is the time for Kogi and Bayelsa renaissance.” -Our task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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