My Dear Brothers and Sisters. May I thank you most profoundly for your kind and wonderful support to the struggle for BENUE SOUTH GOVERNORSHIP PROJECT 2023. We are humbled by the calls we have received from numerous Elders, Elites, academicians,men and women of divers social strata etc. This is an indication that deep in the mind of everyone from ZONE C ie Igede, Idomas, Ufia, Akpa et al, is yearning for a well structured struggle that will culminate into one of Our own becoming the Governor of Benue State, 2023. I see a renewed believe in The Benue South struggle, I see a united Zone C, I see a son or daughter of Benue South extraction earning the support of our Brothers from Zones A and B to become the NEXT Governor. While Martin Luther King ”had a dream ”which gradually manifested and culminated in Mr. Barack Obama becoming The President of the United States of America; for me, I can ”see” NOT ”dream’. Many of us are also ”seeing”that Benue South will produce the next Governor. Whatever you can see, is real, factual and surmountable. There is an old saying that ones you can ”see”the Plumages around the Anus of a bird, then you should know that such bird is about to perch. We are aware of the challenges ahead but we urge all of us to believe in our vision. It is realizable. In the days ahead, Five commitees of eminent persons of all ages, sex, class, and ethnic groups will be announced after a wide consultation. (A) one shall be a committee of Reputable Elders to Liase,negotiate and discuss this project with our Tiv Elders on the imperative to cede 2023 ambition to zone C. Our approach shall be a non-violent mechanism as propounded by Mahatma Ghandi. Our DEMAND is a Just demand and shall be based on rational ideological conceptions. (B) the second shall be a committee empowered to among others, harmonize the various interest groups, ethnic Associations such as Idoma National Forum, Onmini Igede et al for the purposes of having a common Front. It is believed that a house divided against itself cannot stand.. The struggle shall be easier, smooth and successful when we are together. (C) the third shall be the fund raising commitee. You would agree with me that our sources of funding is Open and for transparency, a committee need be empowered to manage an account Unbehalf of The PROJECT. (D) the fourth shall be a committee of Traditional Rulers and Spiritual/ Religious leaders. Our traditional institution under the leadership of Och’idoma need to liase with their counterparts in zone A and B especially the TorTiv. Our Royal fathers are also the gateway to the blessing of the Land which they hold in trust in conjunction with our forefathers, the gods or Aleku as the case maybe. We need to tap from their wealth of experience and earn the Blessing of the Land. Benue South is also blessed with spiritual/ Religious leaders. This is one opportunity for them to back the struggle of their fatherland with prayers, rich contacts and other support. You will recal that Israelites never went to war or struggle with out seeking the face of God. (E) the fifth shall be the Diaspora committee. The synergy between the Home front and the diaspora group will enhance our strategy and ensure that our brothers and sisters in diaspora participate in this struggle. Other Committees such as the Intelligentia(think tank), Legal, media/communication,contact and mobilization, security, youth and women groups et al, are envisaged. However, Until then, The secretariat shall be soliciting for your input, advise and support in any way that you can. Everyone should be involved. As a matter of urgency, PROJECT 2023 require an office space in Benue South and in Abuja. We creeve the indulgence of anyone who can donate an office space or building for the purposes of this Project to kindly oblige us. We shall be happy to receive your call (s). Let us state here that this project is non partisan, it is a Benue South Project. However, we implore our party leaders to engage the leaderships of their party to see the need for all parties to zone the Governorship position to zone C. Thank you my brothers, sisters and fellow compatriots for reading. Thank you also the pioneer Think tank of this Project for appointing me as the interim Secretary. In the days ahead, we shall be generating alot of activities to herald the commencement of the bigger events ie world Press conference, et al. Please do not be despair, disillusioned or pessimistic. As we all know, power is not served alacarte. One must struggle for it, negotiate for it and Ask for it. The Holy Book put it this way; Ask and ye shall receive; Knock and the door shall be Open. The DOOR to Government House Makurdi shall also be open to BENUE SOUTH in 2023. The TIME to DECIDE is NOW. We shall surely overcome. Idoma says A’inya, igede says Obe’, Ufia says ndoo. Above all, thank you. EBO’ ko yor’ La’a Oche Emmanuel Esq Interim Secretary 08032502900

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