The Bible teaches, ” number your days that you may apply wisdom” Based on this eclectic scriptural synopsis, I wish to celebrate a woman whose case has been the application of Heavenly wisdom and intellectual sagacity to deepen Kingdom oriented courses and disposition to humanitarian service over the years in an effort to rekindle humans’ faith in God and hope in the Kingdom. It is gratifying to note on this auspicious day, your sincere commitment to growth of the kingdom as well as the development of humanity and society especially the ushering unit.
The world has been interpreted to us by philosophers but left to us to change and move society to greater heights and higher ideals though not easy but you have given expression to this with the demonstration of your determination, commitment and courage to trudge on against all odd as you have exemplified; indeed, you have been the sweet dreams that has put an end to the nightmare of many; no doubt, you have make the society a better place than you met it. I am indeed proud to identify with you and celebrate you on this auspicious day as you turn plus one(1) today being Thursday, 28the June, 2019. Deaconess Ma’am, yours is not a celebration of age or years but indeed, a celebration of love for God and humanity, selflessness, intelligence, reputable characters founded on the principles of love, justice and equity with the determination and courage to work for the good of the kingdom, humanity and above all this great family of God, the Ushering Unit. Congratulations on your new age my dear sister and friend in Christ Jesus. Happy Birthday and many returns. Signed: Bro Onwe Sam

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