MY DAYS IN COURT: Travails and Hullabaloos in a University

Public presentation of the book of a lifetime authored by Prof. Gbolagade Ayoola and titled MY DAYS IN COURT: Travails and Hullabaloos of a University. The book detailed the experience of the author as a lecturer. The book was described as an upfront, honest documentation of real life experiences of the author. It chronicles the travails and hollabaloos he encounters at Makurdi as a university Don. What a difficult , often strange period that became, and what a wonderful story to have to relate at that in the end! Although I did my best to defend myself, repeatedly seeking refuge in the temple of justice, I found plenty of obstacles along the way. But by shedding light on this on this midcareer problems I faced as done in this memoir, perhaps the aftermath of the situation would of the situation would become more favourable to me. Prof. Ayoola whose doggedness and commitment to justice received accolades by guest at the public presentation of the book. Amb. Tola Onijala described the book as a must read for all therefore recommends the book to both old and young. He added that Prof. Gbolagade Ayoola is a man of courage who believed in justice and equity for all.

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