Muslims Optimistic and Advocate for Peace on EID-IL FITRI

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While the confirmation of sighting the moon last night by the Sultan of Sokoto officially marks the end of the RAMADAN, it set the pace for the celebration of SALLAH.
At Al-Noor Mosque Wuze 2, Abuja, the Mallah during the Eid-prayer charged Muslim faithfuls to sustain the virtues learnt and gotten from the Ramadan while he enjoins Nigerians to tolerate each other and be peaceful.
Muslim faithfuls who interacted with panafrireporters expressed optimism and advocate for peace amongst Nigerians irrespective of religious differences.
Dr. Suleiman Sani responding to question on Ramadan says Ramadan is a time to reconnect to Allah for forgiveness and virtues however enjoins Muslim faithfuls to sustain the virtue of faith in God, love for others, peace, humility, tolerance as learnt and given by Allah during the Ramadan.
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Dr. Suleiman Sani who is optimistic on the development and peaceful coexistence of the Nigeria nation state and pray for the leadership especially the president for the wisdom to lead the country.
Alhaji Mustapha Siyi in an interview enjoins Muslim faithfuls to take advantage of the Ramadan to express love, tolerance, peace adding that Ramadan is a continuous religious and spiritual engagement which link one to God adding that though Ramadan has ended but the virtues and lessons remains and tasks Muslim faithfuls keep leaving in the spirit of Ramadan.
Rashid Arif while interacting with panafricreporters says Ramadan is a humbly moment for all Muslim faithfuls however , enjoins them to imbibe the virtues gotten from Ramadan in their daily living while embracing peace and tolerate others religion in their society.
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