Nigeria civil servants have been charged to take up work culture that ensures administrative efficiency and effectiveness as demystified by high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule over the years. This advice was given during the 70th birthday ceremony organized in his honor by staff of the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission under the auspices of the Joint Negotiation Council on the 5th day of August , 2019 at SGF conference hall, National Secretariat FCT, Abuja. The ceremony offers staff of the commission opportunity to celebrate high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule who they described as an astute administrator with management acumen, leadership disposition and have provided mentorship over the years.
The Birthday Cake
In a welcome address, Mr. Sheik Luqeman shortly after the opening prayer by madam chukwuma said, the ceremony was organized courtesy of staff of the commission to celebrate a man whose commitment has not only sustained the very existence of the commission but has also given the commission both national and international recognition. He further reveals that the ceremony was not sponsored by the commission as an institution but by individuals’ contribution of staff who willingly keyed into the August opportunity to celebrate the man they all described as father and a mentor to all without prejudice to any however, thanks high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule for accepting their request to celebrate and honor him at his 70th birthday and welcome all who came to celebrate their father and mentor at his 70th birthday. Engineer David Nyikyaa, the secretary of the commission in a good will message said, celebrating high chief Egbule at his 70th birthday comes with a sense of honor , noting that describing the personality of high chief Egbule is a difficulty endeavor especially from the background of his achievements and contributions to the commission ( National Salaries, Incomes and Wages commission). Engr. David incognizance of the interplay of providence, hard work and commitment in the life of high chief Egbule noted that high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule is first in everything in the commission being the first to bagged Doctorate Degree, first two term executive chairman of the commission and the first to turn 70 in the commission. “High chief Egbule, we are here today in your honor however, it is very difficult to describe you in this commission and indeed in the country as a whole; you are many things to different people but to us in the commission, you are the executive chairman, our mentor, our guide, our father and a brother. We are happy to celebrate you on the occasion of your 70th birthday and most interesting is that you are being celebrated today by staff union, a group known for antagonism , this is rare, a narrative that is not heard of in recent time and it further tells of your leadership acceptance over the years”. The secretary who further described the high chief as a non tribalized Nigerian whose life has further posited that it is not in the relationship of tribe that one succeeds therefore wishes him many more years in good health and strength. Alhaji Daudu Yahaya mni , commissioner for evaluation and grading in the commission while noting his long tie with high chief Egbule before joining the commission two years ago historically enumerated the contribution of high chief Egbule in salaries, incomes and wages administration in Nigeria. Alhaji yahaya appeals to high chief Egbule to document his experiences and achievements in the commission being an authority in salaries, incomes and wages administration , adding that it will add value to the body of knowledge for the sector and other sectors. Ego Ita Esq., Hon. Commissioner, Compensation applauds the decision taken by the staff of the commission under the auspices of Joint Negotiation Council, NSIWC to celebrate the living legend, High Chief Richard Onwuka Egbule. He condemned the lack of legend / senior citizen celebration culture in the country, says, it is the reason for the difficulty experienced in making progress in the country (a step forward but four steps backward). He charged the younger staff not to only celebrate high chief Egbule but use his life as a template to tailor their lives thereby becoming a legend at 70 who the world will sort after like high chief Egbule but not a nuisance at 70 like many others. Mr. Lazarus Ebirim described the high chief as a man of vision and applauds his decision to leave the banking sector for civil service, a decision he said they frown at but happy today that he took that decision years back. He said they wished he is in the banking sector to make money but he (high chief) rather chooses the civil service in a quest to render services to father land. Mr. Ebirim while describing high chief as workaholic also enjoined young Nigerians to imbibe the culture of hard work and commitment to nation building; adding that work does not kill but those who think otherwise have their answer in high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule who despite hard work over the years is looking young and strong at 70. Mr. S.U. Ukut described high chief Egbule as an embodiment of excellence and professionalism which he said has birthed efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of salaries, incomes and wages in the country. Mr. Edward Olusegun Kwevi, AG. Director, Job Evaluation and Grading described high chief Egbule as a father and a mentor. While accepting the description of others added that high chief Egbule is to his family a loving and caring father, an urbane administrator, human right crusader and an authority in salary administration and compensation management; describing his Christian credentials as impeccable being a staunch member of the catholic church and a Knight of Saint Mulumba. Mr. Edward also said of the legend, “High chief Richard Onwuka Egbule is an accomplish apostle of probity, transparency and accountability; he is a quintessential exemplar of high morality and integrity in public office, who by dint of exemplary conduct of himself transmitted and maintained this virtue in the commission and all those within his sphere of influence”. Hon. Com. Ego Itah Esq. proposes a toast of long life and prosperity in good health for high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule at his 70th and beyond. The ceremony features special song presentation by the NSIWC fellowship choir, cutting of birthday cake and presentation of birthday gifts. The ceremony climaxed after a vote of thanks by the Deputy Director, Admin which was immediately followed by a response from the celebrant, high chief Richard Onwuka Egbule MFR. who thanks the staff for choosing to celebrate him out of their magnanimity. On the encomiums and accolades received, he said, the heftiness of a chicken is make known by the feathers on the chicken but once these feathers are removed, the real size of the chicken will be exposed hence admitted that he is the chicken while the staff are the feathers and would not have made any achievement non receive any encomium or accolade if they were not there and have supported him over the years, therefore, thanks them for being the feathers however, tasked them to remain resolute in their commitment to hard work and the need to plan how to use their resources (salary) judiciously. He further enjoined them not be jealous of each other but continue to support, appreciate, love, and where necessary forgive each other, this he said is the source of healthy living.

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