The Federal Ministry of Environment in tandem with the UNEP June 1972 agreement which designated the 5th of June every year to be observed and set aside for the sole purpose of engaging all and sundry on an emerging issue affecting our environment with a view to sensitizing and mobilizing the populace, our institutions, corporate bodies and policy makers to be aware of our actions and inactions on environment and the concomitant implications of same today celebrates the 2019 world environment day with the theme, Air Pollution.
The Director, planning research and statistics, Dr. Bolatito Obisesan in a welcome address says that the yearly celebration of the World Environment Day (WED) is used to enhance political attention and actions towards improving our environment however note that each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern.
He further asserts that the 2019 World Environment Day (WED) is coming at a time when the whole world has agreed on the need to do something about the danger of air pollution. This means that the world has accepted that our collective effort is required to beat “Air Pollution “. More importantly, there is an awareness and acceptance that the solutions to our environmental challenges must integrated the social, economic and environmental dimensions in tandem. He says the celebration is in furtherance of an international recognisation of the deep and fundamental relationship between the quality of the air we breath and a healthy environment.
” The Federal Government in appreciations of the important of having a clean air has employed several measures for air pollution control in the urban centers. This include Environmental Legislation, establishment of State Environmental Protection Agencies, Environmental Education and other preventive measures and sustainable solutions to air pollution problems. However, pollution control has been the priority of all level of governments in Nigeria. It is based on this that Environmentalists forsee controlling pollution will become more difficulty and complex in the near future if the current trend continues. It is therefore very important for healthy and sustainable living that the preventive measures and sustainable solutions are enforce to ensure safe environment for all population to live. The world is moving ahead and Nigeria can not be left behind. I call all stakeholders to join their efforts with the Ministry so that together we can “Beat Air Pollution.” He concluded.
In a keynote address by the permanent secretary, federal ministry of environment Mrs. Ibukun Odusote ably represented by director, human resources management, Daniang Peter reiterated the fact that majority of the environmental adversaries suffered by man is man made and enjoins the public on the need to imbibe in environmental friendly engagement that will impact positively on our common good. On the achievements of the federal government through the ministry on issues of air pollution, she noted the following-
  1. Ratification of the Kigali Amendment to phase down Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCS) under the Montreal Protocol 9n substances that deplet the Ozone layer in 2018.
  2. Ratification of M8nimata Convention on mercury in 2018.
  3. Signed and ratified the Paris Club Agreement by Mr. President.
  4. The flag-off of the Clean-up of Ogoni Land.
  5. Midwifing the National Policies of Plastic Wastes and Air Pollution by the Ministry under the Buhari led administration.
Stakeholders in their good will messages stressed the need to maintain healthy environment and advocated for planting of trees in the environment. The event also features drama presentation by students, presentation of environment materials to students by the Federal Ministry of Environment and tour of the exhibition stands.
In an interaction with the leadership of Soroptimist, A Non Governmental Organization with a three (3) Es scope of focus:
  1. Educate
  2. Enable
  3. Empowerment Dr. Victoria Pillah, the president of Soroptimist International Asokoro, Abuja says they are out on the World Environment Day (WED) to join their voice to that of the federal ministry of environment and others on the WED to commomerate, create awareness to crumbing if not eleminate completely deforestation and environmental hazards engagement among human and chat the way forward on environmental friendly disposition among human, adding that the important of trees in the environment can not be over emphasis especially if cool, beautiful, protection from ultraviolet light, conservation of water, control of erosion and breathing a toxic free air etc is our priorities; therefore enjoined every one to plant trees saying the life of every living being revolves around the environment and plant being the enhancer of environment should be planted everywhere. On their commitment to tree planting, the national president elect, Hon. Anthonian Okoli says Green Nigeria Project with the aim to plant trees all around is a demonstration of their commitment to planting trees all over Nigeria citing the Kigali experience. The celebration climaxes with symbolic tree planting at the venue of WED 2019 (Radio House) by Soroptimist and senior staff of the ministry.

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