Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja is Alive and Healthy

Press Release 6th/7/2019 Distinguish Nigerians and loving brothers and sister, the Idoma people, it is with a sense of honor and responsibility that we are addressing this press conference against the falsehood been peddled on social media at the early hour of Saturday, 6th July, 2019. I must tell you how shock I am over the rumor as I welcome you, the group of Idoma youths and media team on this solidarity visit today, Saturday, 6th July, 2019. It is unbelievable that people could express wickedness to the extent of witching fellow human death but our joy is in the truth that God is not a man neither man is God. Disregard the rumor that I am dead, I am alive and healthy to the glory of God. We would not have taken out precious time to reply the unfounded falsehood making round on social media ( Facebook) that His Excellency, Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja (The Akanaba K’Idoma is dead but for the avoidance of doubt and for the purpose of clarification with the aim to set the record straight and to further guide the mind and thoughts of the people makes it worthwhile and necessitated the need to address this press conference. While wondering on the wickedness of those peddling this falsehood, it is expedient to inform Nigerians especially the Idoma people that His Excellency, Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja is very much alive and bouncing in good health to the glory of God, the giver of life. May we reiterate here that life is given by God and in His wisdom and infinite mercy has chosen to give same to Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja graciously. We regret the emotional trauma caused by this falsehood on Nigerians especially the Idoma people (Nation). We appreciate all of you who put up calls in solidarity to the magnanimity, philanthropist gesture and disposition of Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja CON in service to humanity and the development of society. It is important to note here that the act is barbaric, uncivilised, uncultured, unethical, inhuman and ungodly however, admonishes peddler(s) of falsehood to desist from such acts but direct their energy to fruitful engagement or endeavors that will better their life, that of others and society generally. Accept my sincere appreciation for your concern and solidarity visit but do well to shun every act of falsehood (rumor) peddling. Once more, thanks for coming and God bless you all. Signed: Chief Dr. Mike Okibe Onoja CON Media Directorate.

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