By O. E. Wisdom. Abuja, June 26, 2019 Mr Ade Omole, Leader of the All Progressives Congress, United Kingdom has advised Yinka Odumakin and his group, the break-away faction of Pan-yoruba Social Cultural Group, Afenifere, to be objective in its criticism of government. He gave the advice while speaking with the Pan African Report on Wednesday in Abuja, in reaction to comments made by a faction of the group against Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Omole who is the leader of the United Kingdom chapter of the APC, described Vice President Osinbajo as a gem to the Yoruba race, adding that Odumakin cannot speak for the Yorubas. The Yinka Odumakin faction of Afenifere had criticised Vice President Osinbajo over his comments on issues of insecurity, especially kidnapping in the South-West and some other parts of the country. Pan African reports that the Vice President at an interactive section with Nigerians on Sunday in the United States of America, had advised caution on believing all the stories on social media about issues of insecurity in the country, though there are security challenges, some of the cases are politically motivated. Osinbajo had also said that the country’s problems were not insurmountable and that the current administration was on top of its game at addressing the challenges squarely. The Odumakin faction of Afenifere, however, described the the Vice President’s comments as unfortunate and provocative. Omole while acknowledging that there were security challenges in the country, noted that some of the news being circulated with pictures on social media, were fake. “I was surprised by the communique issued by the break-away faction of the pan-Yoruba group, known as Afenifere, and signed by its rapscallion Publicity Secretary, Yinka Odumakin. “While it is true that there are security challenges in the country as equally admitted to by the Vice President, some of the news making the rounds are fake, supported with fake pictures and videos. We also have cases of self-kidnapping for monetary gains. “They are propagated by those who lost out of power since 2015 and are desperate to heat up the polity. “As a matter of fact, some of the videos recently uploaded on the web, dated as far back as 7 to 8 years ago,” Omole noted. He added that the agents responsible for spreading such fake news, would stop at nothing to denigrate the current APC administration. He maintained that the Odumakin faction of Afenifere was an appendage of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and should not be taken seriously. Omole recalled that the group was a regular visitor to the presidency in the 16 years that the PDP was in power. According to him, prominent members of the group took part in the deals that rocked the then National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki’s office. Omole noted that Dasuki was still on trial by the APC administration for misappropriating funds meant to procure arms for fighting the Boko Haram sect and insurgency in the country. The APC is actually cleaning up the mess created by the PDP administration. He further recalled that Odumakin was a beneficiary of the PDP “wasteful and extravagant years”. He assured that majority of Nigerians, living within and outside the country, were solidly behind President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on his statements. “We also support our security forces that are working round the clock to ensure security in the country. “We shall not give in to terrorists and banditry, especially, those who secretly endorse their actions to castigate the Federal Government. The six governors of Southwest states, joined by the Inspector General of Police, heads of security agencies and security experts met yesterday under the umbrella of Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) to brainstorm on measures to curb the present security challenges. This is a laudable development put together by worthy sons and daughters of Yorubaland, who seek to resolve issues than peddle fake news. “We are not unaware of the desperate moves by those who lost out of power to fuel insecurity in the country, in the fullness of time, their secrets will be made public,”Omole said. Omole, however, advised the Odumakin faction of Afenifere to pay more attention to real news making the rounds, instead of peddling and echoing fake news. “We compound the security problem when unscrupulous citizens create and circulate fake news to satisfy their unpatriotic paymasters. He added that a man who was not lazy, indolent and lackadaisical intellectually, would have ran a quick check or research on the Nigerian Police Force and Nigerian Army social media handles. “By so doing, he would have confirmed the hundreds of persons who have been arrested and being prosecuted in various courts. “We will stop at nothing to continue to educate the gullible followers of these rumour peddlers, knowing fully well the power of the media to heat up issues within the polity” Omole stressed. (PanAfricReporters)

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