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Celebrating a man who is many things to different people as he makes addition to his age. To many, a father and a mentor, to his immediate family, he is a celebrated son and brother who metamorphosis into a loving and caring husband and a father. Member of Civil Societies see him as an urbane humanist and social crusader. As a staunch member of the Christian faith, his Christian credentials are impeccable. Almost all, if not all, agree that he is a man of unquestionable intelligence, integrity and diligence; even his fiercest of critics do not fail to acknowledge his superior intelligence, liberal disposition, characteristics bluntness and strive for excellence. It is with utmost humility and sincerity that I personally feel privileged and honoured to be so deeply and affectionately associated with you as a brother. It must be said here that your journey through life has been one of great personal achievement and outstanding service to fatherland. These achievements have become the very standards by which your peers have come to be judged. Perhaps, I should remind you that your legacy of proven track record have already assured you of comfortable place in the hearts and minds of your legion of admirers, for all times. As an apostle of probity, transparency and accountability. You are a quintessential exemplar of high morality and integrity who by dint of exemplary conduct of himself transmitted and maintained this virtue among all those who came within his sphere of influence. There are still more mountains for you to climb on your national endeavor and I am confident that, God helping you, you will scale through successfully also by keeping to these qualities you have hitherto exhibited. Above all, I congratulate you on this milestone and urge you to remain steadfast on the path of rectitude, even when the road is toilsome and the path full of stones. Happy Birthday and Many Returns. Signed: Onwe Edwin Wisdom CEO/MD Edfezzon Integrated Ltd

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