President, Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN) Commend Fed. Govt. and Congratulate Fellow Nigeria Workers on the Commemoration of the 2019 Workers’ Day

Comrade Adeyanju Adewale, the president of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria at Eagle square during the 2019 Workers’ Day commemoration in an interaction with panafricreporters commend the Buhari led Fed. Govt. for signing the thirty thousand (30,000:00) Naira National Minimum Wage Bill into law and congratulated his fellow Nigeria workers on the commemoration of the 2019 Workers’ Day.
He also applauded the Nigeria workers and asserted that the the Nigeria workers has over the past years kept faith in their work and in service to fatherland; sometime, amidst salaries and wages that are often not commensurate with our daily toils by receiving take home pay that hardly take us home at the end of the day.
He added that an auspicious occasion of this nature provide them the workers and the Nigeria public who are the consumers of their services the opportunity to salute the commitment , resilient and perseverance of the Nigeria workers, in spite of our merger income in the face of skyrocketed food price, tuition, and rent as we continued to nudged on in life in the hope for a better day; with the National Minimum Wage Bill signed into, that better day has finally come.
When asked to give his good will message to Nigeria worker on the 2019 Workers’ Day Commemoration; he said, I join all men and women of good will to congratulate my fellow Nigeria workers on our day and wish to inform my fellow that for us, there are strong signs of better days ahead for Nigeria workers especially with the signing of the National Minimum Wage Bill into law by our dear President , it will ensure better earning for us the Nigeria workers and strategic for revamping the economy.
“While I commend the action of Mr. President for assenting to the bill, I also urge our states and other private establishment to feel the pulse of the Buhari led administration and make good the new deal for Nigeria workers however, I urge my fellow Nigeria workers to keep faith alive and recommite themselves to the ideals and ethos of quality service delivery to justify the renewed confidence that the government and indeed Nigerians repose in us”. Says Comrade Adeyanju Adewale, the President, Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigerian.

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