Hon. Yusuf Buba Yakub. Member Representing Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency and an Aspirant to the Speakership 2019. In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to sit down alone and ponder upon the reason that keep pulling me towards the quest for the Speakership of the House of Representatives in the 9th Assembly. As dignifying as the position may sound and as attractive as its allure may also be, I have manage to asked myself again and again, what do I really desire in seeking this position? Is it the mere craze for attention or a consuming desire to be seen that has continued to egg my inner make-up on to continue to convass for support from my colleagues in the House and from Nigerians in general. For the umpteenth time I have found out it is the latter. My answer to myself and indeed, anone who has bothered to ask me the reason am vying for this position, remains the same: I am merely driven by the ideals of service to continue to offer my humble talents, treasure and time to see how I can adequately contribute to the growth and development of my country. Across the country, anywhere I go, I find myself asking the same question and getting the same answer : what can I do to make my country better? What step should I take to be in the position to actualize my noble dreams and vision for our great country, believing, albeit incurably, that God has given us all what we need to succeed as a nation and that with the right leadership Nigeria can lead the world.
For me, there is so much to do within so short a time. Our nation requires nothing but men and women who share the vision of a Great Nigeria to beat a path of national vision and ambition so that other will follow. What we require is for a group like we have in the House of Representative or the National Assembly as a whole, to position itself as a vanguard for a New Nigeria. Definitely, we shall win many a convert in the dream as long as our intention remain pure and our focus remain defined. As I move around in the weeks and months ahead to solicit your support and cooperation for me to emerge Speaker in the 9th assembly House of Representatives due to be inaugurated early June, one thing will remain clear on my mind and that is the very possibilities that we can realise as a people if we place development in the heart of our individual and collective efforts. I see our nation getting better. I see Executive-Legislative harmony and collaboration that would make for a better Nigeria. I see Nigeria becoming better in our time. I see the best years ahead and I know that we at the National Assembly, particularly, we in the Green Chamber, can make it work if we believe in it. I therefore, call on all of you, my dear colleagues to join me to realise the Nigeria of our collective dreams by supporting my humble aspiration to lead the next House, not as one who requires power for the sake of power, but one who would with your kind partnership achieve Unity, Stability, Accountability, Quality Service Delivery, Accessibility and National Cohesion. I shall in my Legislative Agenda that will soon become a public document enumerate for the sake of clarity the road maps that I have designed to aid our reaching the afore-stated goals.

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