The Architects Registration Council of Nigeria(ARCON) holds her 2019 edition of the Architects Colloquium. The Architect Registration Council of Nigeria was established by Decree No.10 of 1969 further amended by Decree No. 43 of 1990. The enthronement of democracy in our political life as a nation state led to the review of all existing laws , the law setting up the council was also reviewed to fall in line with the new dispensation hence, the law was amended Architects (Registration, etc) Act Cap A19 laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.
The council has her inaugural ceremony by the federal commissioner for Works and Housing, Mr. Femi Okunu on the 19Th September, 1969.
The Architect Colloquium is an annual melting pot of Architects in various vocations for the purpose of brainstorming on issues that have direct bearing on the challenges facing the profession and the built environment, profer solutions and implementation strategies with careful monitoring and evaluation of output, outcome and impact on the profession, the general public and the nation at large.
Arc. (Sir) Dipo Ajayi fnia President, Architect Registration Council of Nigeria
The Architect Colloquium, established in 2007 has each year debated on prime architects and other stakeholders presenting papers. The Colloquium apart from the presentation of papers, also involves Group Discussions, Questions & Answers Session and Exhibition.
The Architects Colloquium, aimed at educating, inspiring and leading the society and to encourage professional excellence always with the objectives among other things to annually
Arc. Bulus Drambi Kwada MSc. (Arc), MBA, MIAD, MNIN
= Engender a vibrant, more efficient and sustainable architectural profession with best practices in our ever dynamic building industry. = Consider issue that aid the improvement of professional services by architects. = provide an avenue to relate with other professionals, statutory bodies and stakeholders. = Address other national issues within the purview of the profession. = Make regular and appropriate recommendation to the three tiers of government and other stakeholders. = Evaluate the architect performance using established benchmarks on an annual basis.
The President, Arc. (Sir) Dipo Ajayi fnia in his speech at the 12th (2019) Edition of Architect Colloquium described the colloquium as a platform where they sit together as professionals, statutory bodies and stakeholders to deliberate on issues that affect us as a growing nation, and where we prepare and plan towards making a robust contribution to Nigeria’s National Development Agenda. He said that the profession requires definite steps to ensure that it is properly placed to making their contribution to the over all development of the country asserting that factors the profession need to work with to making their contribution are closely interrelated and include problems like the housing deficit, the urgent need for accelerated infrastructural development, support for economic growth and reduction of unemployment, the crucial need for rapid technological development and the evolution of appropriate laws to guide the progress of our developing nation; all this the president said have to be tackled within the reality of our social and political context. “Our unique viewpoint at the intersection between the building industry and the public implies the we must engage fully with the effort to create solutions for all these problems. Neglecting to engage with any aspect in a purposeful manner will create imbalances that will affect the outcome from our effort. This range from the infusion of functionality, sustainability and even to the use of colour, as you will see from one of the presentation at this colloquium”
The president’s speech covers spectrum of issues with the aim to proffering solutions, ranging from engagement, building collapse, urbanization, climate change, the profession and ARCON.
The 12the Edition on Thursday 25th April, 2019 features paper presentation on Energy, Glass, IDPs & Refugees and Architecture /Architect Matters.
It was revealed in a cross interactions with participants amongst who are Arc. Bulus Drambi Kwada, Arc. Umoru Maina from Borno state, Arc. Alade said the colloquium is indeed a good ground for exchange of ideas and the need contribute their quarters to the country development while agitated that Architect should be given a prime position in the scheme of thing in the country demanding that the office of Architect General be established for the profession to take their prime of place in the nation’s polity.      

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